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'Northed' or 'Northing' is when you own someone in the face with a huge load of jizz. The term 'cums' from the pornstar Peter North, who is known for his huge loads.
I northed that fuckin' newb on DotA last night and he left the game crying.
by ComputerPhreak April 12, 2008
verb: To be constantly followed, and tailed for a long period of time. Also to have someone you dislike pop out at you, in a remote location, seemingly as an accdient, but blatently on purpose.
Scott Poped out at Jake from behind a huge collum at the edge of town. It seems that Scott was Northing Jake. After one month of this, Jake was sure he was being Northed.
by Dirty Little Man August 09, 2006
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