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Norny / Norn is a word used to refer to someone who is mentally challenged or a freak.
"Look at that norny over there!"

"Omg, you are such a norn!"
by Toe Massive September 13, 2009
Nervous and horny at the same time.
-Im norny
-Aww, is it your first time
-No, I always get like this
Derived from the typo 'Not Horny', meaning I AM NOT HORNY. That is all.
Me so norny! Go away!
by Fozzy71 January 31, 2014
When someone or something is out of control, acting very creepy and weird. A nornian is a relative of a meeper.
Omg, that squirrel is moving so fast. So norny!
by sdnornymeep July 28, 2013