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Kick ass guy. Can beat up anyone anytime.
"That guy called you gay! Call for Norling!"
"I saw Norling and craped my pants"
by DonDoli March 25, 2005
7 5

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Noun: A silverback of Northern European ancestry, indigenous and endemic to the Central Texas area.

Verb: To use surprising cunning against and prevail.
Noun: Check out that Norling over there, I hear he has five sacks!

Verb: Truant wanted to succeed at his last job, but he got norlinged by his hosebeast boss.
by Truant January 13, 2004
23 2
strong to the weak; will master you as if to "own" you; Comes from the latin: "Ibucus Owneric youbica"
"They won't move that satellite dish???...Go get Norling!!!
by Philip C. Samaro January 14, 2004
5 3