Gods gift to the devil, the worst punishment Earth can provide.
Judge-You killed 72 people, i sentence you to 45 years of pure noogies.

Criminal-NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please give me death.
by jbn/gstache duo May 03, 2007
asked usually in a question or statement. meaning a good thing, cool, alright, okay ect. can also be used in a derogatory way.
Is it noogie if i spit game at yo beezies patna? That broadz grill was not noogie.
by LADY LOCA December 14, 2005
The baby form of a Nauga. It bites your head if you get too close to its hole/home. That is where the term noogie for rubbing someones knuckles on anothers head.
Man, I got too close to a noogie hole lastnight and it bit my head!
by [trogdor] December 17, 2003
A nigga that likes hip hop or pretends to be nigga. As seen on Wonder Showzen.
I don't wanna listen to them noogie boogie beats.
by Lezombi April 05, 2006
crumbs, dirt, dog hair, etc. on the floor
I have to vacuum because there are all kinds of noogies on the floor
by Coconut Head in Space May 20, 2005

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