big dinosaur olympic noob.
Rocky: yew sux noobzors!!!!!!!!!!!!! lawl

Oliver: stfu idiot...

Rocky: OH HAI, roflcakes
by RockyCrazy August 12, 2008
Top Definition
(noob-zor) Usually in video-games (specifically fighting ones) a noobzor is the leader of a noobish group of people. In order to be a noobzor, the person must be directly affiliated with the noobish party in question and must be the sole persona who gives the orders. It is not a good thing to be a noobzor, and if you see one, you should immediately alert others in a non-noobish party to take down the noobzor. The most common place to see a noobzor is on WOW during a 10-year-olds lan-party. Also see noob and noobish
Everybody take down the noobzor!
by matt recker April 26, 2008
a noob passing off as an l337 and calling people noobzor
i am t3h l337 but you are a noobzor
by cruzal August 05, 2005
The word noobs use to insult other noobs to try and pretend they aren't noobs themselves.
u r teh noobzor lol
by JiaXue November 23, 2003
some fuckin wanker that thought he could rip off the word noob
omg ur such a noobzor
by Jonny October 13, 2003
A extremely Noob personne with dinosaur like caracteristique
-Noobzor: yo am the best at basketball
you- youre such a Noobzor
by Phat-Phil April 09, 2005
To own someone so badly that they revert to noob status.
Loozor: OMGWTF I noobzored you.
by Name-42 July 19, 2005
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