Ususally used in online multiplayer games, when a 'noob' uses a power weapon or vehicle to kill 3 or more people.
Noob: "omfg wooT!!11 killtacular!"
Noob goes off and cries in a corner
by The Anti-noob May 10, 2005
Top Definition
When something is highly used by a gamer of lesser skill, because it makes them seem better. Normally a rocket launcher or large machine gun will be praised by these said players, which are called noobs,

and so, noobtastic.
The chainsaw action in Gears of War is noobtastic.
The auto-shotgun in Counterstrike is noobtastic.
The rocket launcher in Halo 2 is noobtastic.
by Nick Fisher July 10, 2007
when someone does something that only a noob would do.
"Man, the way he ran into the open when i had a sniper, that was noobtastic!"
by harry-san January 10, 2008
An action that involves being a noob. Often results in a bad outcome. People will most likely be in shock because the action was so noob.
"I can't believe it! Kyle did the most noobtastic thing today. yeah, he is dead now."
by the dude! man... July 28, 2008
Noobtastic noun,noob

1.a common insult, meaning in the form of, or as a noob (see noob) use when some one is having a bad day with their skills
1.ha, how typicaly noobtastic of you
2. wow man, that was noobtastic of you whats up your normaly better than that!
by Red-Fluid December 01, 2009
In any chat room, or public area of veteran members, Noobs overload the room/area and destroy things.
"My this room is Noobtastic today"
by matthew the poptart July 10, 2008
A word used to describe an internet user who has no grammar skills, or typing skills, or spelling skills, or pretty much any skills at all. Besides being annoying, that is.
SSS: Hello, what's up?
EZ: lol wtf u usn spech fr?
SSS: *Sigh* Just noobtastic, completely noobtastic.
by NoahzzzzzzzzF March 25, 2009
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