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one who surpassed a noob for their noobieness
john: wow he tried to arm the bomb in our base...

mike: wtf, what a friggin noobsicle.
by Badoola June 06, 2005
A noob that's shaped like a popsicle.
Player2: Lick my cheeks noobsicle.
by ExplodingKittens August 30, 2009
The word that all "friends" call you. Usually means low intellegence. not a nice word. also usually used in a sentence with der der.
Taylor: Hey Rachel, did you know that Fanny is a bad word in England?

Elizabeth: Taylor you noobsicle I told you that!
Rachel: sigh! you guys are both noobsicles now stop it!
by mynameisTaylor March 16, 2010
A noob who plays video games as if they constantly have a popsicle stick shoved up there butt. These terrible players often have negative kill/death ratios on call of duty 4 and 5. And they tend to spray with LMG's (light machine guns). Their accuracy is horrible and they all-around suck
look at that noobsicle! he has 1 kill, 39 deaths!

dude you played like a noobsicle last night. i bet my K/D is better than yours now xD
by THE_NOOBSLINGER September 30, 2009
the worst form of a noob; someone who is a loser, or completely new to something
Person 1- Hey, do u know how to throw a football?
Person 2- Wow dude, you're holding it the wrong way, you noobsicle.
by Mooorad October 02, 2007

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