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a nooblit is something like a noob, however, a nooblit or "noobling" is more innocent, less of an asshole, more of a newbie, a mix between noob and newb, generely friendly, nooblits, sadly, sometimes simply turn out to be your average noob...growing up isnt always easy..
Person 1: your a nooblit?
Person 2: yeah
Person 1: awwww, cute!
by Ciaran Malone July 27, 2007
a man who deserves to die in a pool of shit stained pink
my god craig is a fucking nooblit
by Nick Varas November 24, 2004
contraction of noob & 31337
refers to the top essence of n00b.
n00blit: who is that peer guy?
me: your mom
by Chupakabra April 30, 2004