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A person whose skills either resemble that of a retarded robot or a person who acts like one. The origin of the "atron" suffix stems from the series transformers and/or beast wars.
Example 1
Guy1 : This guy can't micro his troops at all!
Guy2 : Yeah, he's a noobatron.

Example 2
Person : You should of seen him play guitar hero! He looked like such a noobatron!
by Evinkuraga August 07, 2007
the noob of all noobs
geez you are a noobatron
by hacker_51 September 02, 2008
This is some noob who continually does newb things without learning. Like a machine they keep being a newb over and over again.
"oh my god what a Noobatron"

"You cant log in again ?, uber noobatron"

"He keeps doing the same thing over and over what a noobatron"
by ratboy99 August 20, 2013
1) The King of all things noobish. 2)Someone who fails at entirely everything they try at. 3)A person with no skills.
He was so bad at W.O.W we voted him world's biggest noob hence his new nickname Noobatron.
by MaverickMeg July 25, 2010
When some one, or something, sucks at something.
Woodhead: Kris got pwned by 4k.grubby
Guy: Lol, noobatron.
by Woodhead November 09, 2006
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