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Any grenade launcher attachment used in Call of Duty 4 Modernwarfare, employed by n00bs of the highest caliber.
That n00b wont stop with the fucking Noob tube!!!!
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by Z0mb13 January 16, 2008
The name given, by players of the game CoD4, to the assault rifle mounted grenade launcher do to the fact that it is seen as requiring little skill to use and the fact that it is, in fact, a tube.

Also, the use of said grenade launcher.
(JWilkesBoof kills HonestFive with an M203 grenade)
HonestFive: "Oh come on man don't noobtube!"
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by Abhorent Aardwolf April 15, 2008
The M203 rifle mounted grenade launcher used by newcomers to the videogame Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, specifically its online multiplayer. while requiring no skill or effort, this weapon also barely hurts the user while completely obliterating any who get in its path. This is seen as a cheap weapon only acceptable for use by the worst of players at this particular game.
"Wow he is like a level fifty five and he still uses that cheap-ass noob tube!"
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Usually refers to the grenade launcher in Call of Duty 4 due to it's high power and wide kill radius, and especially it's easiness to use.
Alex over the headset on Xbox live:
"Dude, this kid with the noob tube killed me like 6 times already, its really pissin' me off!"
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by Jboydope June 09, 2008
Any grenade launcher, be it an M203 or a GP-30, used on a video game. Specifically online on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2. It requires almost little or no skill to effectively get kills with it. Just aim in a general direction of wherever you think the enemy might be, and it'll get the job done without giving your enemy time to avoid it or retaliate.

Surprisingly, despite its name, it's not primarily used by noobs, or newcomers to the game. It's actually used more by assholes that are well into the game already but only use it to piss off their opposing team. And unfortunately, they usually do succeed in pissing off their enemy which could (and normally does) result in the enemy team changing their class to a noob tubing class while saying something like "Oh you wanna noob tube bitch? I can do it too", and that results in an entire game session being nothing but noob tubes and/or RPG's, depending on who's in the game.

Highly disliked by the majority of the gaming community. Avoid noob tubing at all costs to ensure that you don't start a tubing chain-reaction.
Teammate 1- DUDE!! This guy is using his fucking noob tube again!

Teammate 2- I swear to god. If i get tubed one more time i'm gonna bust a nut.

T1- Alright fuck this game....

T2- Come on. Don't rage quit.

T1- *disconnects*

T2- Son of a bitch *facepalm*
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by StopTheTubing!!! May 04, 2010
A common name for any Grenade laucher attachment that can be used by Assault class infantry in Battlefield 2. an effective weapon used at long range, is often used at close range as unintended by EA/DICE, and is nerfed in v1.2 patch
omfg 5th time this round that bunny hopping idiot with the noob tube got me!!?
#noobeh tubeh #m203 #gp-30 #f2000gl #weapon whoring
by ApocD January 22, 2006
also spelled as n00b Tube

Term widely used in the online gaming community for any kind of Rocket launcher, Most commonly used by gamers who beleave the weapon is very effect in many situations, Some also call the person using the weapon, Cheap, or Lame, or what have you
Damn, My ass just got blown up by that cheap ass noob tube
by Mike Schwartz December 30, 2003
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