Any grenade launcher attachment used in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, employed by n00bs of the highest caliber.
That n00b wont stop with the fucking Noobtube!!!!
by that nigga cross the street November 21, 2011
The art of using a rifle mounted grenade launcher. Commonly used in such video games as the Call of Duty franchise. This action in the gaming world is frowned upon by the more advanced gamers as it is most often used by "noobs" or gamers new to the game.
When playing Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 and you're on a decent kill streak and another gamer, of a lower rank, launches a grenade (via noob tube) in your general direction, without any sort of aim or skill, and kills you by sheer luck.
by powdrtostman December 11, 2009
gay expression used by people in call of duty when they are tremendously embarassed by getting owned by a grendade launcher. If you get jealous, use it urself retard
When somebody in cod gets embarassed about getting shot by a grenade launcher, they get jealous and start to make fun of the person who owned them by saying "NOOB TUBE!"
by bluedevils1206 December 22, 2009
a term used for either a virgin with a small penis or just a small penis
Girl: i had sex last night

Girl's Friend: how big was it?

Girl: He had a noob tube
by THe GaMe SOn!! January 16, 2010
A common term used on Halo 3 for when one uses the sniper rifle to remove the shield of an opponent and then switches to a battle rifle or carbine to finish off the kill for an easy head shot.
OMFG this fucking BK keeps using the sniper and br and he continues to Noob Tube my ass.
by FurY DA SnipeR October 25, 2009
A weapon that is often employed by someone who is "new" to an FPS game and needs to use the maximum ammount of fire power just to "try" to survive, because noob's have no skill. Usually a Bazukka or rocket launcher. Hense the term "noob tube".
Maj. Poopinschaft: " Hay you killed me 10 times in a row....
I think I'll get you with a bazukka, because I have no skill ! "
cartOOnman: " Go ahead, Get your noob tube, I'll still bash you over the head with a 45. NYUK NYUK NYUK MUUhahahahahaha "
a word that is used for weapons in online games i.e. wolfenstein (panzerfrost), halo (rocket loncher / fulerod gun), counter strike ( auto shotgun bleve it or not).
1. omg i hate noobtubes.
2. i rock with the noob tube.
3. i am going to go crazy if i get owned agen by that noob tube.
by bobfishkins September 19, 2006
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