A late night conversation without any purpose.
Monica almost fell asleep during our nonversation last night.

Mike has to stop wasting all of his time with those nonversations.
by M&MM June 10, 2008
A non-converation where two or more people greet each other but do not follow with a conversation, but instead follow with an awkward silence, that can result in figeting and short quick glances around the room.
Zack: So, how did you like my friend Michael?
Matthew: He's really nice, but after you left we had a really weird nonversation. It was really awkward!
Zack: Man, I hate those.
by Supersequoia May 22, 2007
A conversation in which three or more people are involved in a discussion, but one person (usually the same person) is consistently & completely unheard/ignored.
"I was excited to go out with Topher & our friend Ascott, but when we got back to our apartment, the typical nonversation ensued. I didn't speak for a good five hours, at least. Another disappointing night."
by ProgPrincess November 14, 2009
1. When people are together and NOT talking

2. When 2 people can have comfortable silence between them

3. when you understand someone enough to communicate with them through mood, look or touch rather than words.
Mom keeps talking to Dad while he is trying to watch the football game.
Dad says " damn woman, cant we have a little nonversation right now? Im trying to watch the game!!!"

It was a long, exhausting day. He understood that it was nothing personal, but I didnt really feel like talking. So we just sat quietly and sipped wine as the sunset. It was the best nonversation ever!
by FlowerPot226 September 29, 2010
When you're sitting at a table full of people (pref. boisterous and social) but you're between two conversations, and no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get into either of them.

So you end up staring at your drink.


"Hey Rod, why so quiet?"

"Wha--? Oh sorry -- I'm stuck in the nonversation over here."
by rizz to the slizz December 01, 2005
A conversation that does not exist. Meant to be a joke about not wanting to talk to someone.
"Hey Annie, you should go over there and have a nonversation with that creepy girl Brianna."

"Yeah, totally."
by emmawemawoo October 27, 2008
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