A nonversation occurs when someone talks to you (most commonly on a social networking site or via text) about something you don't care about and can't really answer back to.

If you're ever in the situation where someone is talking AT you and your brain says "I don't actually care" then you're in a NONversation!
Facebook/Skype/text pop-up...

Person A: Hey guess what
You: What?
Person A: I got a new phone!
You: Cool
Person A: Yeah its really good and now I can connect to wi-fi its really great I've downloaded some apps and its the best thing ever.
You: Cool...
Your brain: Dude you're in a nonversation, get out now!
You: Yeah so I'm going out now talk later
by Dunkotron4000 March 30, 2013
Talk that doesn't consist of anything besides the boring or the usual. Small talk, about as common as the plague.
"So how was your day?"
Sigh, yet another nonversation.
by ennaburning July 03, 2011
A conversation in which words are exchanged between people — often co-workers — but nothing is really said.
Two office colleagues bump into each other in the hallway. This is them having a nonversation:

Office worker #1: Hey, so I heard it went well.

Office worker #2: Yup. Went great.
Office worker #1: Glad to hear. And we're still good for Tuesday?
Office worker #2: Yup. Nothing's changed.

Office worker #1: Great. Well let me know if anything does.
Office worker #2: Of course.
Office worker #1: Ok, great. Thanks.
by seanmlee June 04, 2012
A conversation that does involves large amounts of nonsense or other randomness. These conversation are generally between two very bored or two very creative teenagers as a way to pass time.
Gadson: Uh, I'm so bored.
Ellie: Lets have a nonversation to pass the time
Gadon: Okay but first i need to make sure that my weasel took its bath.
Ellie: Thats fine. I know weasels hate baths. I heard that pictures of dancing bagels can help.
by BulletToTheEscalator January 22, 2012
definition 1: A non-versation is when one person talks and talks and talks while the other doesn't listen. Afterward the non-listening person can barely remember what they said, therefore it was a non-versation because it was a conversation that they really can't remember.

definition 2: A non-versation is a conversation so boring one person practically falls asleep therefore the conversation didn't happen.

non-listener and non listeners friend converse:

non-listeners friend: So how was your sleepover with Jessica?

non-listener:I can hardly remember anything, her dvder stopped working so we started talking but the whole thing was a giant non-versation after that.

example 2:
Boring Talker: And so then the dioframe ate its chikchikaroo and I picked my nose! It was unreal!!!

Bored Person; Zzzzzzzzzzzzz... sorry what was that???
by chikchikaroo January 04, 2011
A conversation through eye contact. When everything important that needs to be said, gets said through a look.
My spouse and I couldnt think of any words to say to describe our love, so we had a nonversation. Everything that we were thinking was said through our eye contact.
by Harry Balsser October 16, 2010
the act of conversing with inanimate objects; can include inattentive people if used negatively.
telling something that is about to fall over to stay "did she just tell that book to stay?" "yeah she totally just had a nonversation"
by the unknown aj June 18, 2010

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