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n. A group of undesirable sycophants.
The party was fun until Chris showed up with his nontourage.
by billg November 12, 2004
AKA 'sidetourage' to the official 'entourage' depending on what status.

"Sidetourage" are the group when the man of the hour is still present with them - but still deemed lower than the entourage.

"Nontourage" is applied when the man of the hour hangs around with the official entourage leaving the nontourage with no plans.

The nontourage are the second class group when it comes to making decisions, suggestions and what have you. Thoughts, ideas and general decision making have no power.

Nontourage: "Hey, let's go watch the game tonight after we grab some grub."

Entourage: "That's a stupid idea".
by gwizzle88 April 20, 2009
1. Lack of an entourage.
2. The posse status of a person who habitually attends functions, perfroms daily tasks or goes to a restaurant sans accompaniment.

Maitre'd: Table for one, sir?
Loner: Well, do you see anybody else?

By this example we can see clearly that the Loner is rolling none-deep, with a "nontourage"
by Chris219 July 07, 2006
The A-Lister's liggy Nontourage of stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, life coach, spiritual guru, dietary advisor and holistic therapist. Hun, that J. Lo and Mariah pose is so last century!
That American Idol loser showed up at the club with a nontourage of forty. Get real!
by keith barker-main October 29, 2006
A group of 3-4 men walking around very confidently like they're important as seen on HBO's Entourage without a handsome star.
That bunch of guys are nobodies... It's a nontourage.
by JamesK2 June 09, 2009
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