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A nontheist sees the God question as insoluble and irrelevant. Nontheists approach the God question from an empirical position, which has so far shown them that it has been impossible to either prove, or disprove the existence of God. A Nontheist considers the god hypothesis as dealing with matters that are unfalsifiable, therefore placing the question outside the realm of human knowledge. Nontheists see the question of debating God's existence as irrelevant as debating the existence of leprechauns, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, Invisible Garage Dragons, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.
Theist: God exists.
Nontheist: Prove it.
Theist: Well, just look around you. God created everything you see. See? That proves God!
Nontheist: I see...and how do you know that everything wasn’t created by an invisible purple Gnome named Wilbur who lives on the dark side of the moon, therefore proving Wilbur?
Theist: Because fill-in-the-blank-holy-book says that God did it!
Nontheist: Just how do you know your book’s claims are reliable though?
Theist: Because my book is self-authenicating, it says right here that it was written by God.
Nontheist: Using a book that claims self authentication commits the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Assertions that are unfalsifiable and immune from disproof aren’t worth much. How do you know your book wasn’t written by the Invisible Pink Unicorn?
by Buckaroo May 11, 2006
224 94
A person who does not believe in a theistic personal god.
All atheists are nontheists, but not all nontheists are atheists.
by vagyok October 09, 2007
145 49
A person who does not follow or believe in the validity of any man-made explanation for why all things exist or how all things came to be. They may have theories, thoughts or opinions of their own, but acknowledge that there is no reason to fully believe in them.
To be a true nontheist, one must come to grips with the reality that this is probably the only life and existence they will ever know.
by Dave is Floating October 17, 2008
62 18
Atheists need deities to argue against while Nontheist rather not be bothered by either.
To a Nontheist an example would be unnecessary and by making an example it would then be moot.
by Condottiere August 21, 2012
17 4
nontheist - a person that never considers religion in any form.
Differs from an atheist in that an athiest's belief is in not having beliefs.
Differs from an antithiest in that there is no active rebuttal of beliefs.
Essentially someome that neither has an opinion on, nor thinks about religion at all.
My friend John is a nontheist. I have never heard him engage in any religious conversation and when asked he honestly replied he had never really thought about it.
by Tannasgh November 29, 2005
23 78
Nontheists believe in a God that is not depicted in human or any other form. "God cannot be bound by the limits of our religious institutions" (author unknown).
Nontheist belive in a God that IS with out being a God that EXIST. God is in the details. As science becomes understood the more God is present
by ma hu August 30, 2006
17 93
1. Does not believe in the divine because of ignoring the God question and saying that any real explanation offered is irrelevant and inconclusive.

2. A person who hasn't read Peter Kreeft's work.
1. Peter Kreeft can tear apart any nontheist "theory" with simple, logical proof.

2. Jesus is a proven historical figure. Jesus' claim to be God can make Him two things: a good man if He didn't lie, and a bad man if He did. But anyone with sense agrees that He was not a bad man, and hence it leaves only one alternative, that He was a good man.

3. Jesus was either lord, liar or lunatic. He couldn't be a liar, because there was no motivation for His lie. All He got out of it was torture and a cruel crucifixion. He couldn't be a lunatic, because He was certainly a wise, creative, and intelligent teacher. Therefore, His psychological profile was opposite to that of a lunatic. Because the other two possibilities are eliminated, Jesus was Lord, and the Bible is therefore taken as authoritative holy scripture, not a fill-in-the-blank-holy-book.
by 0321 September 25, 2006
12 164