dickless, fannyless thingami!
god tht git has 2 b a nonny
by Abz December 28, 2003
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n., Short for Non-boyfriend boyfriend - A boy, who, with a girl, fulfills all the lame boyfriend duties, yet receives no benefits. A Nonny remains a Nonny, because he thinks he has a chance with this girl, but she thinks that he is her best girlfriend.

See also The Carter Transitive Property
Lame boyfriend duties:
1. Listening to how bad their day was, everyday!
2. They call you to take them to pick up their car, when it is in the shop
3.They ask you to get them hard to get tickets to a football or basketball event. And you usually pay for it
by the ? man August 12, 2005
An affectionate term for a friend or family member, usually spoken through the nose as if a whine.
"Nonny, I've lost my speedos"
"Well that's just tough nonny"
by Chlorgasm January 15, 2008
The worthless kids that sit/stand along the edges of a party. A nonny (singular) usually sips one beer the entire night, or has nothing at all. Nonnies make no effort to socialize with anyone else and are complete buzzkills.
Vineyard Scotch: Look at all these fucking nonnies. This party blows.
Nonnies: Whats a nonny?
by Vineyard Scotch December 09, 2011
A jamician women that could catch the slavecatchers' bullets in her pussy and then bend over and fire the bullets out of her ass.
I-Man tells Bone about Nonny in the book called Rule of the Bone. This book is by Russel Banks.
by Jerremy Deane-A.K.A: "The Gwito" November 08, 2003
Nonny(s) short for a young person(s) with a large penis.
Look at jonathon he is a nonny.
by hornyboris February 28, 2010
Short for poonani but spelled differently so you say it correctly. It means your a pussy basically.
Stop being such a nonny and smoke this blunt.
by A-Train Lochtefeld August 03, 2007
A noob, a idiot, a fanboy
dont be such a nonny.
by Sir 1337 May 09, 2004

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