someone who is a clart and an ignoramus at the same time.
What do you think when you hear the words "keyboardm." A board with keys on it.
by Rob PG Tips March 02, 2005
The sort of man that would come into your life, principly, to rape your babies. He may be a 'relative', or a 'complete stranger'. Will either befriend you or find ways of getting close enough to you to get at your children.
This may sound strange, but, he may even find a criminal way of impregnating you while you sleep and steal the undeveloped fetus for sex with the baby.
For many years, they drugged and raped me and stole my babies as I slept, and then raped the babies. He must be a nonce.
by janetw April 25, 2006
slang name for celtic football club, a team for victims of child abuse and religious buggery.
we beat nonce fc 2-0 the other day
by rab douglas February 24, 2005

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