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A woman that is particularly ugly and also "gets around" or is very promiscuous. Or simply one ugly bitch that takes all the dick.
OMG, you seen that messy slag over there, shes got 4 dicks in her mang!
by Raydome November 25, 2008
To pop awhitey. To smoke to much weed, go pail and then spew your guts up all over.
Oh shit, Clarkys gone big green dog. Go on son, spew, spew, spew!
by Raydome November 25, 2008
A girl that has a good body, but an ugly face.
That girl had a butter face mate.


You know, everything was fit, but her face.
by Raydome November 25, 2008
(UK)Slang meaning pedo or kiddy fidler, originally means Not of Normal Criminal Eellement.
I'm gonna go an stripe that dirty nonce in pad 12!
by Raydome November 25, 2008

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