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This word, in its offensive slang forms, is probably derived from "nonsense".

Convicted child sex offenders are often considered to be the lowest of the low (i.e. the most "nonsense" people in society), and this, rather than the NONCE acronym, may be the main reason why this word became associated with paedophiles.

Calling someone "nonce" normally means one of three things:

1) UK prison slang for a paedophile.

2) A general insult, usually as an extension of 1) or 3).

3) A nonsensical person, or person behaving in a nonsensical manner, generally equivalent to stupid or idiot.
1) "Gary Glitter's a nonce!"
"Protect your kids from those nonces."

2) "You've been behaving like a twat all night! Piss off you annoying nonce!"

3) "He wasn't talking any sense- he was being a complete nonce!"
"Well, he's certainly nonced that up."
by fwe22 May 05, 2006
(UK) Slang for paedophile.
"That Gary Glitter bloke, he's a right nonce."
by - August 04, 2002
Used by prison staff, to explain the segregation of inmates who were convicted of sex crimes towards children and the other inmates


Prisoner W23899 is a nonce.
by ads July 27, 2004
1) A person convicted (or simply guilty) of sexual crimes, especiall paedophilia.
2) What you call your mate just because you're jealous of him for having an attractive 16-year old girlfriend.
3) A common British insult - generally equivalent to wanker, twat
Garry Glitter
by Some ranter January 30, 2004
a deviant, a sex offender;
from acronym NONCE, UK prison classification for prisoners deemed at risk from attack from other 'regular' prisoners because of the sexual nature of their crimes
NONCE = N ot - O n - N ormal - C ourtyard - E xercise
'Oy , Glitter ! You're a nonce, you are !'

'Five measly quid - Five quid ? Is that all ? You're a nonce, Hill... a Nonce !' - Little Orphan Boy to Harry Hill on The Harry Hill Show, 1996
by wiseninja April 02, 2006
a person who molests children
'i'm gonna give that nonce a chelsea smile!'
by std April 27, 2003
Although this officially means paedophile, this word is often used to mean stupid.
'You thought that Hollywood was in Canada?! You fucking nonce!'
by N.B September 08, 2005
1.) Slang term for a person who has committed crimes of a sexual nature, particularly pedophilia, esp. in the United Kingdom. Comes from the acronym used in prisons to describe said individuals: Not On Normal Communal Exercise. Also used occasionally as a general insult, regardless of the tendencies of the person to whom the word is applied.

2). Also, somewhat obscurely, a term meaning 'the present or particular occasion.'
1). 'Ere, this nonce pedobear is in for right ear-boxing if 'e don't stay away from the main prison population.


Ay, mate, what say you lend a chap 5 quid, eh? No? Oh, what a right nonce you are!

2). I say old chap, it appears that I have been incarcerated because pedophilia is rather illegal for the nonce. Fortunately for sexual deviants, the legislation is becoming more and more lenient as time goes by in good old Great Britain.
by YellowBanshee August 03, 2007