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Used by prison staff, to explain the segregation of inmates who were convicted of sex crimes towards children and the other inmates


Prisoner W23899 is a nonce.
by ads July 27, 2004
n. a spliff
"We went to a bar and smoked a fatty boom batty"
by Ads February 13, 2003
somebody who loves the cock
patrick is such a knob jockie
by ads September 02, 2003
Literally excreting jaffacakes. This term originates from two individuals in the southern parts of England. Jaffa being the product name of JaffaCakes and TUT being the shortened version of tutty meaning shit.
what a jaffatut

what a jaffatatutting time

i need to jaffatut
by Ads March 11, 2005
Lice which infest the scortum and cause extreme itching.

Also used for complete randomness.
I have bulllice
LMAO that bulllice is funny
rofl bulllice
by Ads October 29, 2005
the best word made by metallica
means it sucked
that retard hellasucked
by ads March 18, 2005
when a panacake feels horny towards a peice of bacon usually ending in greasy pancakes
#1oo look my foods having super fat hap sac

#2 look at the bacon and pancake having super fat hap sac
by ads March 11, 2005

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