"FECK! FECK! FECK! FECK OFF!" - Father Jack
by Mister Ignorant March 31, 2004
What bible thumpers use to replace things that offend the jokes they think are real.
Oh my gosh!
What the heck!
Oh my good lord!
by ArcticFox January 09, 2004
Another Non-Offensive swear:

"C-less Castle"

If you say "Castle" without the "C", although the spelling would be "Astle", when you pronounce it out loud, the phoenetics would make it sound like you're saying (the obscene 7-letter "A" word).
"You know what you are? You're a C-less Castle."

"What's that?"

"Say 'Castle' without the 'C'"

"Umm, 'Astle'?"

by Java July 16, 2004
"Fetch" for "Fuck"
"Gol" (short for 'Golly') for "God"
"Heck", of course.
Mormons are great sources for psuedo-swears. Check out my site for more fake swearing.
by Shameless Creations June 09, 2005
some people are stupid....
"arse" is the Australian way of saying "ass"
ill kick your arse
basically the same as "ass"
by skip June 18, 2004
fargin bastige!
f-ing bastard!
by sparky December 05, 2003
flickin' = fuckin'
by Anonymous October 03, 2003

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