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a nickname for "naomi", has a great pickup line, though "naomi" has the whole "i moan" thing....but the "nomi" line is classier
so she said "hey, my name is nomi, like you dont 'know me'....or at least not yet" and it was totally hot!
by godiva March 14, 2005
46 22
Nomis, the sickest skateboarder around, sick tagger, random sightings of this Nomis character can be seen at fleetwood skatepark (Fleetwood, B.C, Canada)
Nomis usually runs show on xbox, he recently stated in an interview that gunlow and him killed dlocke777 and gbonn88.
Nomis is a pro skateboarder, and is also coming up in the snowboarding world.
Yo Nomis you see those hit markers?
by RYan David Jones November 04, 2010
16 5
A person who's overly obsessive with his surrounding and is very selfish and a big asshole, with a crazy mother.
by djmujomujo2 September 28, 2010
19 9
A super amazing snowboard team
Guy 1: Yo man, you wanna go scope the new Nomis vid?
Guy 2: Straight up!
by toasterlad November 11, 2007
19 10
nomi means "names" in italian
quelle ragazze hanno i nomi belli ("those girls have pretty names")
by godiva March 14, 2005
19 18
That ridiculous pose women make in photos with one hand on their hip, a bent knee and their head up.
She pulled a massive #nomi in that photo
by TheLozzapalooza April 30, 2014
0 1
(see "maniac")
Not-so-sane, tiny boy with blonde hair. Lives in "Porsgrunn".
Nomi never knows what was said 5 seconds earlier.
by Oycob September 23, 2004
13 29