stupid word that makes no sense.
"nomble!" said the stupid boy who made no sense
by vbsdhk agfawdghiwq e November 10, 2003
Top Definition
A diabolical clown that feasts on the souls of small children. Think Ronald McDonald without a soul.
Don't feed the Nomble.
by A. Steele February 26, 2007
A nice guy
Nomble! Nomble! Nomble! Nomble! Nomble is a nice guy!
by Shazolator May 15, 2012
The act of hugging somebody while biting them lightly.
The lovable panda bear nombled his owner.
by Doyoufeelblame May 20, 2009
"to pull a nomble"
Doing a misstake or annoy people to the extreme.
he just did a nomble, bastard
by Cracker Jack July 05, 2003
a great NSplayer
damn you are so nomble
by NSPlayer July 29, 2003
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