"nice!", but said like a meathead for effect
I got a C+ in Basic Math. Noice!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 28, 2002
Noice is a way to say 'nice' possibly with an Australian accent or a fancier way to emphasize the word 'nice'
Erin: "Noice job kayla!"
Kayla: "Thanks Erin!"

Erin: "This is a very Noice gift Kayla!"
Kayla: "I try to be as Noice as I can to my friends."
by Pseudonym is not my pseudonym January 01, 2015
Particularly awesome, usually used in response to something serendipitous.
"Hey Sam, I found your neat hat that you've been looking for in the backseat of my car."

by TehSamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz February 19, 2009
A better version of the word nice. It is just nice with way more emphasis.
Mike: Duke won!!
Trent: Noice Dude Noice!
by dawkinst June 21, 2016
A term expressing that one is impressed or amused by an observed action. Usually relating to a well-played joke, comeback or game.
I just scored two tickets to the ATTWS show!
by Drubaru February 12, 2015
that's Freakin awesome!!
Noice! A.P. just got a touchdown.
by Q~dogg October 07, 2009
When something's nice af. Usually said with added emphasis on the "o". Pronounced as 'No-ice".
"Look at that damn booty, dog"
via giphy
by Wade fucking Xavier June 06, 2016
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