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a word that is like "nice" but with an Australian accent; used in high volume (mostly). Meant usually in congratulatory terms in many ways; sexual, social, educational etc.
by ccdancequeen January 11, 2011
The Phrase "No Ice" refers to some one not having to skill in a certain situation, or particular area. From video games, to more commonly a man flirting with a women. It can also be used in basically any situation that involves any skill.

The term "no ice" is thought to have originated in the south east, Florida in particular, and has begun spreading in the north east, mainly in Massachusetts.
Person A: "You got No Ice at FIFA brah!"

Person B: "Chill dude you're obviously clearly amazing at this game, but you have No Ice with the females."

Person C: "Dude he clearly has the ice with the bitches!"

A: "True that!"
by So-Usa March 31, 2010
The way aussies use the word nice. Also used to mean awesome. It can also sometimes be used by potheads who try to act cool when you talk to them.
Jake- That girl has a noice rack.
James- Dude, I know.

Sam- I just bought 3 pounds of weed.
Cam- Noice, I can't wait to use it.
by JosePablo December 29, 2010
A "Noice" is someone skilled in the art of installing Chrystal Castles side art on a Moppet cabinet.
Damn, Noice, it doesn't need to be smooth!
by Frizzybare July 22, 2008
that's Freakin awesome!!
Noice! A.P. just got a touchdown.
by Q~dogg October 07, 2009
Good to the tenth degree.
I was thrown a free xbox yesterday. That is pretty "noice",
by CappyBlack June 18, 2011
Particularly awesome, usually used in response to something serendipitous.
"Hey Sam, I found your neat hat that you've been looking for in the backseat of my car."

by TehSamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz February 19, 2009