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Defined by Wikipedia as the pakistani plural of brains. Noha is a girls name, usually of Islamic ethnicity. The name Noha can mean beautiful and graceful. Nohas are usually smart, as depicted by their name.
Jackson: Who's that girl?
Augustus: Why, chap, that's Noha, the smart girl!

Noha, smart, beautiful, graceful, poetry, Islam, Muslim, brains
by Supeamaeren June 10, 2008
Sexual chatter

Also can mean Fuck.
Like lets get nohaing right now.
Or you wanna noha?
a dumb camel with no brains
1. are you a fucking idiot? stop acting like a noha.
2. that's not a regular camel, it' s a noha!
3. is that a camel coming out the pyramid? no it's a noha
4. stupid noha!
by donnabelle gregana September 04, 2007