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Defined by Wikipedia as the pakistani plural of brains. Noha is a girls name, usually of Islamic ethnicity. The name Noha can mean beautiful and graceful. Nohas are usually smart, as depicted by their name.
Jackson: Who's that girl?
Augustus: Why, chap, that's Noha, the smart girl!

Noha, smart, beautiful, graceful, poetry, Islam, Muslim, brains
by Supeamaeren June 10, 2008
In arabic means whore. Usually used when a girl sleeps with her boyfirend.
She's sleeping with him? She's such a noha!

Did she seriously give him head? She's SUCH a noha!
by laughingallday October 19, 2009
Sexual chatter

Also can mean Fuck.
Like lets get nohaing right now.
Or you wanna noha?
a dumb camel with no brains
1. are you a fucking idiot? stop acting like a noha.
2. that's not a regular camel, it' s a noha!
3. is that a camel coming out the pyramid? no it's a noha
4. stupid noha!
by donnabelle gregana September 04, 2007