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- noun
1. an extreme group brainstorm (a brain tropical storm) that is more intense, more productive, and lasts longer than a typical brainstorm

- verb
2. to conduct or practice nogginfloyding

2001 - Plattsmouth, NE. First described in the short play NOGGINFLOYDING (originally titled MAYBE THERE'S A LOT OF BACON)
--This is more than a brainstorm. It's a brain TROPICAL storm! One hundred and fifty mile per hour winds swirling around inside our noggins.--
We have to finish a play by 5:00 so we're gonna have to do some serious nogginfloyding.

Brainstorming can't turn a bad idea into a good one, but nogginfloyding can!

The science community's nogginfloyd resulted in a practical outline on how to colonize mars by next Wednesday. Also they cured cancer.
by Mr. Goodbob November 04, 2010
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