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In Nebraska... Where to begin... Let's start by breaking down the name, Platts-mouth. Let's start with Platts. The Platte River flows just outside of the town. This river is usually flooded. That part was easy (Platte=platts). Now, this may be a hard one. Mouth, yes mouth. Mouth comes from the hick term 'cock hole' which is an appropriate name. I don't know why we don't just name the town 'Cock Hole'. So yeah Platte = Platts and Cock Hole = Mouth.

There is enough background for you.

The town is Anti-everything. All people are White, well, kind of. There are very few other races than white. These races include:
and that's it. (like serious. There are three mexican kids in the high school)
So. Back to the hicks. A lot of people live in trailers and they have very few teeth (this is ideal for blowjobs). They also wear camouflage John Deere hats.
HMMMM... What else? Oh yeah! They hate Jews (True story).
They are also not big fans of African Americans. There are zero Black people in Plattsmouth. Deaf people have heard more words than black people are in Plattsmouth.
One notable group whom spawned from Plattsmouth is the KKK. If you guessed that the KKK stands for the Kool Kids Klub, You're dead fucking wrong :DD It's just a bunch of guys who like to dress up as ghosts. It's like cub scouts because you get like badges 'n' shit. BUT ANYWAYS. You know your town is racist when it has a faire called the 'King Korn Karnival'.
according to UD my definition is too long. so here

To the high school!
The high school has about 500 students and about 99% are white, which explains their lack of talents in sports such as but not limited to:

Track & Field
Competitive hotdog eating
other shit

The women are whoreish

a few have babies
a lot are fat.
some might have rabies
none are black

-_________________- UMADBRO?

The whole Plattsmouth scene is very out of the loop.

They have not heard of Dubstep
They only listen to mainstream shitty rap
They just found out what planking is (Hi this is 2001 we want our trending twitter topic back)
The world is all about cone-ing now.

To sum it up, Plattsmouth is a bunch of racist Newfag hicks (with the exception of a few kids).
by hookersNblow July 08, 2011
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A quaint historic town that is a great place to raise kids. It experiences all four seasons(typically with a harsh winter) and a beautiful fall(the leaves change to red or gold). It is close to Omaha for shopping purposes, so you get to live the small-town life while also getting to go to the metro area. Overall, a fantastic place to live.
Plattsmouth is a great place!
by Mememememememememememeyou February 11, 2011
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