night fog
"i drove through some thick nog on my way home from Nicola's house yesterday"

night fog- way worse than day fog as your car head lamps totally turn the nog into pea soup
by Lynnie S October 12, 2010
a black dog
i saw a nog the other day
by Mattstert September 27, 2010
A small word that can be used in a broad way. Can be used to cut any speaker off in a blunt manner. Can be used as an alternative to a censored bleep. Is also a term of endearment, and in the same breath an insult.
Nog! I've had a long day.
You stupid nog, always nogging around with your noggy friends. Get a nog for nog's sake.
I love that nog, always have always will.
by Shelbytrix August 19, 2010
A really cute name for any dog. An affectionate way to refer to your puppy. Typically nogs are very cute and have extra skin.
"Aww what a cute nog!"
by Griffpay November 25, 2013
A slang term for pornography.
Dude, I have like 30 gigs of nogs on my hard drive now.
by justnogs November 01, 2012
A NOG it a girl or guy that is white that dates black people. It is manly use for white girls that are have or will date a black guy. NOG literally means (Niger only girl). A girl that looks sluty wears high tops or has her hair jelled can be classified as a NOG as well.
Hey you see that girl?


You think shes a NOG?

Yes you can tell and she said her boyfriends name and he was black.
by whatapuntino September 06, 2012
No joke. Seriously. Forreal.
Lola: Yo, I want some fries. No G.
Mike: Me too, let's go to mcdonalds.
by Q123 March 09, 2012

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