Most commonly the name of a beautiful , smart , girl. She somtimes can have a mean side, but for the most part shes very loving and caring. A family oriented person, and definatly has great motherly qualities. In most cases she can be the most gorgeous woman you'll ever see in your entire life.
"I saw the most beautiful couple walking in the park today with the cutest baby, i bet her name was Noemi"
by Masya February 05, 2010
Top Definition
a name for a person you think is cute.
"Wow! you're so cute, i think i'll call you Noemi"
by Yelof Mail July 19, 2006
Someone who is unique,special,and amazingly gorgeous. Has a big heart and is the type of person who you feel comfortable enough to spill your secrets to. Never lets you down and is always willing to give a helping hand. You will always see a noemi sporting a positive attitude and a sweet smile.
1. Smart/Nerdy

Some random guy: "Whoa did you see that girl?"
Someone else:"Yes she was such a noemi:)"
by Ohh Soo Cool February 05, 2010
Fine ass latina
damn you see that fine latina right there thats noemi
by nachochesse February 04, 2010
What you call a pornstar when you don't know their name.
"Dude, She's hot."
"Who is..?"
"Uh, Noemi."
by Kenny G. May 21, 2006
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