v. To poke, prod, or fingerprint someone else's belongings
Do not noche my car, you bunyock.
by jTitPitt November 10, 2007
Top Definition
noche: 1. womens vagina 2. to have sexual relations Derived from the spanish slang word for pussy, panocha
That chick is in to you, I think she is going to give up the noche!

Ill treat for lunch today. Really? You must be in a good mood?! Yah, I got noche last night!

Dude, I just grabbed that chicks noche!
by cassy_noche October 21, 2011
(n-O-sh) often confused with nosh (British word for food) is an adjective describing something as stupidly retarded or really annoyingly terrible.
That science was so noche.

Spiders are so noche.
by SHLURBIN October 12, 2013
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