Any form of STD that a male receives to his nob
''I slept with that rough bird from the estate last night... think I got nob rot!''
by Cornish Pirate January 09, 2009
Top Definition
A slang term for a sexually transmitted infection.
Jim got nobrot of Julie
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
He who's nob is rotting
"Have you heard,Nobby shagged that bird from the 24hr garage". "Yeah I heard about that.He'll have Nobrot for sure.She's Fuckin' Rank
by joel dolben November 25, 2003
smelly infection around penis
you shagged that slag you have nob rot ! ha
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
What happens to you liver wiper and cookies when you were up to your cookies in minging piss flaps
1st Bloke: "What's the matter mate, you keep scratching your bollocks"
2nd Bloke: "I stuck the old liver wiper up some old minger last night and now I think I got nob rot"
by NAR the MediaSys Man November 15, 2006
were brie like dick cheese turns sour causing the nob to literally rot
steve's nob
by nate dawg March 13, 2003
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