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the creamy whitish yellowy substance that lingers under the forskin if not washed.
Teds got lots of stinking nob cheddar.

what, Harriet eats ted's nob cheddar.

what,!!! Harriet has nob cheddar too!!!
by stevo March 06, 2005
1:The term Nob Cheddar is used when a male probably a unhygienic male pulls back his cheese ridden smelly foreskin to reveal the wonderous disgusting revolting whiteness left behind from not washing his nob
2:This term can also be used to refer to a total asswipe who is a total bellend who wont stop being a twat so dont be an asshole
"My nob is covered in Nob Cheddar Bill"
"It is let me lick it off John"

"Hahahaha i ate ur sandwich Bob"
"Now i have nothing u fucking Nob Cheddar EAT SHIT!!!"
by sam thompson November 11, 2005