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a dump that leaves behind no trace of the act
we're out of t.p. good thing that was a no wiper
by kipling January 31, 2005
a shit which requires virtually no wiping at all
EDDIE: hey man, i thought you went to take a shit

PIERCE: yeah dude im done, it was a no wiper
by ronnie_e November 03, 2010
A poop that comes out so clean that when you wipe,you find out that it was completley unnessasary to wipe at all.
I have to take a poop but im in a rush, i hope its a no wiper.
by OCnoSee April 27, 2009
(adj)-Describes the act of letting loose a huge duce and not wiping. Notibly one of the best feelings ever.
John: That was amazing! I pushed and pushed, and it finally all came out. It was a no-wiper. Extreamly satisfying!

Jamie: Dude, how did you know you didnt have to wipe?

John: I had a hunch.
by gayme March 10, 2007
The rare (and I mean really rare) instance of bowel evacuation so clean, there is no need to wipe. See also the "No Wiper Challenge", in which you trust your instincts so much, you don't even take a test wipe.
This will be a great day, I just started it with a no wiper.
by Everleigh1 March 09, 2015
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