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1. A rejection or refusal.

2. An explanation that something did not occur.

In either instance, "no dice" is used to indicate that there is no chance or probability of the event happening. Dice represents the likelyhood of whatever item taking place (by the roll of the die), and not having dice means that there is not even a slim chance.
Boy: Will you go out with me?
Girl: No dice. (No chance in hell.)

"I was hoping that I would run into her at the park, but no dice." (She was not at the park, therefore there was never any possibility.)
by Chika January 06, 2007
to not go through with a deal; to reject an offer.
"Yo Chris I'll trade you him for him"
"That deal is pretty bad. No Dice"
by C Powell November 03, 2005
Meaning no way
or also meaning not a chance in hell
"Hold my baby while I fuck this bitch up"
"No dice"
by Chris Mah April 19, 2007
An awesome quote that only awesome people and Storm Shaun can use. It can only be used when a guy gets owned and its origins are from 50's gambling.
Noob: I just owned your Protoss with my Zerg

(Noob tries to own Storm Shaun but he counter attacks and kills all his forces)

Storm Shaun: No Dice

Noob: I just got pwned :(
by Storm Shaun September 20, 2010
no chance, no way, not good, not in favor of.
friend: hey man i got this new haircut look at my pic

u: no dice my friend, no dice
by ravi January 06, 2004
see no dice
woman- hey can I get a bill till payday
man- no dices baby you still owe me from last week
by herring3987 January 21, 2012
When one 50's gangster means no to another
Hey Ma, How Bout Them Cookies....NO DICE.....This Aint Ova
by Sean And MiKe June 13, 2003
When you don't agree to something.
"Well, we can fix your car, but it'll cost you upward to $50,000."
"No dice!"
by VinnieVulture February 03, 2003