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A phrase stated after a questionable remark intended to clear the sayer of being a pedophile.
"Man, Stephanie from LazyTown is so hot. Her pink hair and innocence really intrigue me. No pedo."
by Hernando Potér January 04, 2006
Short for no pedophile, normally used after someone says something pedophilistic
Yo, there's only one reason I watch ICarly, that Carly bitch is fine...No Pedo
by Wolf-Pac July 10, 2008
used when asking whether a girl is hot, but don't you wanna sound like a pedophile if she's underage
Red:dude your sister is so hot
Blue:dude, she's only 16
Red: no pedo
by Logan-943 May 17, 2009
Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds like a pedophile would say.
Wow that baby picture is cute, no pedo.
by gpanda November 23, 2010
Something you say if you say something that might seem pedo-ish. Short for no-pedophile
Man: That little boy is so cute! NO PEDO
by Ajay556 December 18, 2009
No "pedophilia" intentions meant when commenting on something verbally or written.
Watching that little kid suck on that lemon makes my mouth water! NOPEDO!
by SKULLYARD August 16, 2015
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