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1. air space off-limits to the air force of a certain country. The term received a lot of media attention after the first Iraq war when the Iraqi air force was not allowed to fly in areas prohibited by the U.N.

2. reference to the anus and anal sex, particualrly with a woman. Used on the Howard Stern Show as way to get past the censors.
Did she let you penetrate her no fly zone?
by El Roberto April 03, 2004
The bathroom after someone takes a dump.
I wouldn't go in there right now, it's a no fly zone.
by seriously May 17, 2005
A social venue (eg. bar, club, lounge, house party) devoid of attractive females, the status of which can change based on shifting venue demographics and/or one's level of inebriation.
Dude, I thought you said there were going to be hella fine ladies. This place is a no fly zone.

It's okay, man. Here, have some Patron.
by UrbanLexicologist April 06, 2010
When you are so good at guarding somebody in football that they cannot get the ball thrown to them.
Revis Island is a no fly zone.
by oblocksquad July 20, 2014
The future secondary of the Florida Gators! Meaning no one will be able to pass the ball on them.
The Florida Gators have the number one pass defense in the country thanks to their strictly enforced No Fly Zone.
by ChompChompChomp November 29, 2012
Women from the ages of 26-30 who have recently been screwed over by a long term relationship and is unwilling to compromise on finding her right partner.
Dude, that girl is totally in the no fly zone! Stay away, she's nuts!

I met this awesome girl in the bar, thought we were hitting it off, but then realized I was in the no fly zone!
by xianx2000 January 08, 2010
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