NN. A Multi-Gaming Clan, that has been around for a long time. Consisting of some of the best game players in the Cyber-World.

NN roxxorz my boxxorz.
by Shadow February 03, 2005
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nn literially means night night, but maybe used as "cya"
nn cf, i dreame of you or nn cf i'm off out.
by Zeb August 27, 2003
Used in online chatting.
Representational of a happy face, similar to but not as popular as ^_^
Opposite of u.u
girl 1: Denis asked me out today n.n
girl 2: o.o No way!
girl 3: *squeals* He did!
by Satyr February 26, 2005
Smilie for blushing

Him: Aw, you're so cute.
Me: -n.n-
by Evan n_n November 27, 2005
nigga nonsense; when blacks are actin' ignorant bascially when blacks do something careless
Judy: you see them over there actin' a fool
Aunt: well thats some n.n. for you
by erineddie June 02, 2010
short for "no need" this is trading slang in the game Diablo 2 for I do not require any of the items you have shown me, a "ta" after indicates that the quality of said items is high and that you simply do not require them , a nn noob means that you think the items are poor
"nn ta" or "nn noob"
by Dark512 January 05, 2004
Can mean ''not need''.
''nn that mate,ta anyway''
by Abused-Netspeaker February 02, 2005
Nice Nade. Commonly used in multiplayer FPS's where there are, obviously, grenades present. Refers to a player getting mutiple kills with one grenade.
That toss took out half the axis team! nn!
by Cpt Murphy January 06, 2004

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