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not my fault.
also try: not my fault.
John: DUDE you suck at throwing touchdowns.
Kyle: nmf, the recievers suck.
John: Oh alright.
by this one really cpsoll ddude January 21, 2008
NMF is the abbreviation of the commonly used phrase "No More Flamingos!" Which associates with the word Flamingo. This is a sensual way for an individual to express the agony it has been through after the terrors of the friend-zone and removing the dreadful person from their lives. This is often also used with a hashtag to represent any eventful pictures that may portray the lack of need for the individual Flamingo .
Oliver: Yeah boys NMF the bird is gone!
Dylan: Oath in the moath lad

Mitchell: FUCK THAT HOE!! #nmf
by Kuchinator May 25, 2014
not my fault
mom: did u walk the dog?

kid: no

mom: well it peed all over

kid: nmf!!!!
by floobl11121 March 08, 2009
An instant messaging acronym to represent "Not my fault"
It's nmf that you can't pay for your own food.
by iDonnie July 07, 2013

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