1. The official IUPAC name for nitrous oxide, N2O, is dinitrogen oxide. Like many substances, N2O has a common name, ‘nitrous oxide’ which is so widely used that most people refer to the gas by its common name. The gas was discovered by Joseph Priestley.

2. The gas used by most dentists as an anaestetic. The mixture of N2O to Oxygen is often about 50/50 (O / N2O), you need atleast 20/80 (O / N2O) in order to remain concious. This is not a concern when inhaling for recreation using a whipper.

3. An substance that when used properly, will cause a deeply satisfying detachment from the physical world and person. An interesting thing about N2O is that it Does Not harm your body in anyway aside from gradual B12 deficiency, which can be combated with a over the counter B12 supplemnent every week, making this probably the safest intoxicat-or available. The best way for inhaling Nitrous is through the use of a Half-Pint whipper from iSi off Amazon.

You may also obtain canisters, also known as 'whippets' from Amazon. iSi brand whippets are the best, Liss being the second. If amazon is out of the question you can also pick it up at the local Market or Restaurant supply store, just make sure you DO NOT ask for 'Nitrous,' ask for N2O chargers-- clerks get uppity sometimes when you ask for it by its common name. One canister will cause about the same effects as at the dentist. Atleast two straight whippets generally must be used to send you into a dreamstate. In said dreamstate time will pass incrediably fast, with detached logic and thought. When you come down from the high it will be realised that only 5 minutes have infact passed. Three canisters are enough to cause you too pass out for roughly a minute, this is almost always filled with very amusing and interesting dreams.

*Important* If inhaling Nitrous for recreation it is Very important not to do these, people Have died from these obviously illogical things:

1. Try to inhale N20 directly from whippits, or point escaping gas at anyone. The gas WILL give you frost burn.

2. Strap a gas mask to your face. If you pass out, you want your body to get oxygen.

3. Lock yourself in a room, closet, car, or refrigerator with a tank of nitrous and open it.

4. Stand up and do it. Stay away from open windows.

5. Use a large tank without a regulator or which isn't strapped down.

6. Use homemade nitrous. Unless you are a chemist, you're likely to get a load of rubbish like NO2, H2NO3, and other yummy toxic things.

7. Allow yourself to lose sight of moderation. No one likes a Nitrous Whore.
Dude1: "Hey man, lets go get some X!"
Dude2: "No way, hard drugs are stupid, lets go get some nitrous and phuk ourselves up"
by Sean McCoy November 17, 2004
Next to Special K this is the lamest 'drug' out there... it lasts for what half a minute.
Some fucktard tried picking a fight with me while 'high' on balloons, the dummie didn't have the sense to know that I was around 50lbs bigger than the person and could have easily knocked them out on a whim.
by hallespurplepusse May 03, 2005

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