a sufferer of a rare syndrome that affects 1 in 6.7 billion children. It may cause the sufferer to break out spontaneously into disco-dancing for small change on the streets, say and do utterly retarded things and embarrass any elder siblings to the point of disowning the sufferer.
look at that kid eating her toenails, standing in the window naked with a turban on and claiming to be Ronan Parke's wife! what a nish...
by nishisgay June 27, 2011
Top Definition
short for Anishnabe, a Native American
Sexy nish boys, That's what being nish is all about
by nyletak November 12, 2006
is used to say something is extremely awesome!!!!!!
that fully nish

by carmelonly November 20, 2009
Means, Best, Awesome, Super, Sexy, man. Derived from early arabic.
hey, look at that guy. He is so Nish
by Tata51 October 16, 2010
It means "nothing". Diddly squat.
Yo, what you get for Christmas?

Nish mate.

Daaaaaaaaam, ain't that a shame.
by drfreebs May 15, 2008
A mysterious individual who reveals little about himself. Some may think they know him well, but the fact is, they probably don't. Some people call him funny. Some, witty. Some think he's an idiot. Whilst others say he is extremely intelligent and socially savvy. No one really knows who he is. But some say he is dangerous. He comes into people's life just as quickly as he leaves.
Where is Nish?

He left
by theoneandonlyofficialn May 17, 2014
Cool, leet, awesome.
OMFG! That's so nish!
by Neurowave February 08, 2003
Nish is a name for a girl who is extremely intelligent and funny. She is a sexy beast and is very talented. She has great sense of humour and everyone wants to be her friend. She is sporty and loves playing video games. Her boyfriend is the luckiest person in the whole world. Nish has an awesome personality and is a great human being.
Person1 : What do you wanna be when you grow up
Person2 : I wanna be like Nish ❤
by ThePersonReadingThisIsAFaggot September 14, 2014
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