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a sufferer of a rare syndrome that affects 1 in 6.7 billion children. It may cause the sufferer to break out spontaneously into disco-dancing for small change on the streets, say and do utterly retarded things and embarrass any elder siblings to the point of disowning the sufferer.
look at that kid eating her toenails, standing in the window naked with a turban on and claiming to be Ronan Parke's wife! what a nish...
by nishisgay June 27, 2011
27 32
short for Anishnabe, a Native American
Sexy nish boys, That's what being nish is all about
by nyletak November 12, 2006
143 99
is used to say something is extremely awesome!!!!!!
that fully nish

by carmelonly November 20, 2009
67 47
Means, Best, Awesome, Super, Sexy, man. Derived from early arabic.
hey, look at that guy. He is so Nish
by Tata51 October 16, 2010
46 31
Cool, leet, awesome.
OMFG! That's so nish!
by Neurowave February 08, 2003
87 79
Intelligence, especially 'street smarts'.
Come on Jackie, use your fucking nish, for God's sake.
by BigDonBricks June 26, 2013
7 3
Someone shows you something, that isn't impressive, but you dont want to outright call them a retard.

Polite way of being rude.
"Look at this macaroni necklace I made."
"yeah... that's nish man."
by Team 10 February 06, 2009
98 94
It means "nothing". Diddly squat.
Yo, what you get for Christmas?

Nish mate.

Daaaaaaaaam, ain't that a shame.
by Dr Freebs May 15, 2008
22 26