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pretty, hot, extremly sexy. Will most definately take advantage of you without the influence of any alcohol. Men be careful. Women.. u too!
Nisa nisa nisa, i love nisa.
by buttercup February 26, 2005
adj. a word used to describe a person that is extremely cuddly and have deep and meaningful conversations with.

noun. a person who is beautiful on the inside and out but doesn't know it and is doubtful of herself even though she is extremely amazing.
adj. i have a nisa bestfriend

noun. after spending time with her, i think she is a nisa
by nikalovesyou November 04, 2010
1. (adj) : Describing something as sick, nasty or perverted.

You are such a nisa Person.

Your mind is so nisa.

You have so many nisa thoughts.
by Daihatsu Boy August 13, 2005