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slang nickname; a brief audio reference to the racist name (ni**er) given to the African-American race in the United States; not to be linked to nicknamed subject. It has been politically streamlined and should be spoken in friendly context. Safe for use by caucasians.
"What up nirra?"
"What's goin' on my nirra?"
"That nirra's always smoking herb."
by Arthur Hardisimus July 16, 2003

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almost du frane du fresne fwark kinda. pert near
Italian pronunciation for 'near'.
by Mikester McGee July 18, 2003
Same definition as above. Just used in another context.
That nirra stole my TV.
Were you nirras stay at.
by Jerome Bettis July 18, 2003
The last name of Robert De
Hey, Robert De Nirra just ate my donut.
by Art Hardon July 17, 2003