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A word used to describe the appearance of ones nipples, usually in a cold environment.
"Haha. You have nipsicles!"
by Stubs October 09, 2004
an erect nipple characterized by being frozen cold
After the sun went down at the beach party there were plenty of nipsicles to be seen.
by supernal December 12, 2005
When a woman's nipples are so hard, they could gouge a baby's eye out.
Guy #1: Hey did you see that movie Columbiana? That girl had some perky-ass tits.

Guy#2: Yeah, straight Nipsicles the entire movie!
by Gaysofthunder69 September 29, 2011
The end of a breasticle
My girlfriend gets erect nipsicles when I lick her breasticles.
by J2L September 02, 2003
Nipples that have become erect as the result of exposure to extreme cold.
Ignatius: Wow, Siobhan you must cold!

Siobhan: Wow Ignatius, that is quite a profound statement

Ignatius: Tis, but not as profound as your nipsicles!
by evildude_69 March 23, 2012
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