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an erect nipple characterized by being frozen cold
After the sun went down at the beach party there were plenty of nipsicles to be seen.
by supernal December 12, 2005
A word used to describe the appearance of ones nipples, usually in a cold environment.
"Haha. You have nipsicles!"
by Stubs October 09, 2004
The end of a breasticle
My girlfriend gets erect nipsicles when I lick her breasticles.
by J2L September 02, 2003
When a woman's nipples are so hard, they could gouge a baby's eye out.
Guy #1: Hey did you see that movie Columbiana? That girl had some perky-ass tits.

Guy#2: Yeah, straight Nipsicles the entire movie!
by Louden Swain September 29, 2011
Nipples that have become erect as the result of exposure to extreme cold.
Ignatius: Wow, Siobhan you must cold!

Siobhan: Wow Ignatius, that is quite a profound statement

Ignatius: Tis, but not as profound as your nipsicles!
by evildude_69 March 23, 2012