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A massive nipple that covers the entire breast can also be mistaken for large hoover accidents. (when somebody is accidently sucked on by a hoover and has a large red circle mark left behind)
"Holy shit that bitch has nippletits"
by Dannyboy182 September 27, 2006

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tits so small that they only consist of nipples
When she took her bra off, all she had were nipple tits:-(
by cwoww April 15, 2011
The place inbetween your nipple and your tit, but you have to have another boob on your tit on your nipple.
No dude, I was watching HBO porn and saw some nipple tits.
by WHO ARE YOU SIR? October 15, 2010
An extremely stupid moron, Idiot
"What a nippletit he is!" (mike)
"Dont shit yourself nippletit!" (mike)
by Mike October 12, 2004
A breast, and A part of a breast.
Nipple: a part of a woman's breast, looks like a shiny button.

tit: slang/taboo word for breast.
by Brolli October 12, 2004