Someone who has no feeling in their nipples; someone with full nipple paralyzation.
We could all tell that Humphrey was a nipple cripple because he was the only one who's nipples never went hard in the winter.
by TMMJ December 04, 2008
Top Definition
The extremely hard squeezing of the male nipple (usually)and then twisting until the person starts screaming like a pig and starts to cry because of the pain. This is because you have just crippled the shit out of his nipple.
Dude, i just nipple crippled a boy and his eyes popped out of his head because of the pain.
by enke November 09, 2004
To bite a chicks nipple to hard and end up hurting her
I accidentally pulled a nipple cripple on my girlfriend last night
by joeytheleo December 09, 2010
The same thing as a Titty Twister or even a Purpler Nurple.
When someone surprises you by twisting your nipple round painfully.
I'm gonna get you, ya little bitch.
OK - Just don't give me a nipple cripple!
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003
When you finish your after sex cig and put it out on the bitches/dudes nipple.
What happened to your tit!?
I got a nipple cripple after I banged that psycho emo bitch last Wednesday!
by poostainD June 26, 2011
Someone who has lost feeling in their nipples.
Hannah was the only one with flat nipples on that cold day because she is a nipple cripple.
by TJJENMAURAMIKE December 01, 2008
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