slang for a sphincter muscle, commonly known as a BUTT HOLE or Chocolate Starfish.
maaaate, I got an itchy nipper! or I didn't wipe properly and I've got an itchy nipper
by bdhiggy January 28, 2009
mediocre grade Marijuana which looks better than it actually is.
guy 1: "Yo bro what are you saying? you wanna smoke on this fatty nug?"

guy 2: "That nug is some nipper yo!"

by oldsouth November 29, 2008
Shitty weed common throughout the U.S. that's inferior to the Canadian stuff.
who wants to smoke this garbage nipper weed?
by RCW June 24, 2004
A dark skinned nip
Sorry I don't date Nippers... That chick is way too dark for me.
by Nameless562 December 19, 2010
word to describe a friend with small stature. Usually below 5'7. It is not used to be racist it defines a small one, comparing it to a small english lad. it is also good because not alot of people know its true meaning which makes it more effective than midget or shrimp. can also be shortened to nip.
if someone small is bothering you: "shutup nipper" or "go to hell nip"
by merriman April 15, 2006
dundee term for last puffs of a ciggy
gonna lave is yer nipper, also used to descibe a short person or to describe an irratable person, i:e yer dain ma skull in ya heid nipper.
by Rab Feeney October 25, 2006
a nipper also means a very cold day.
It sure is a nipper out there today. Put on some more clothes before you go out.
by shivsanjana August 19, 2006

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