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It means cool or good. It was used primarily by teenagers in the 1970's in upstate New Hampshire and Maine.
Julia: I just got back from Greece.
Max: Nippa.
by Newbury January 09, 2005
a good looking female, or food that looks enticing
"oh! she is nippas"

"give me a nippas on your burger" see nips
by horgsyall May 28, 2009
A young Irish lad who is either looking for alcohol or is already intoxicated.
Often used as a derogatory term or a playful jab at someone who looks younger than they are.
Luke: I was thinking about going out on Saturday but I never get in to clubs.
Tomo: That's 'cause you're only a Nippa.
by xV-Nippa-Vx March 09, 2014
a nigga with small nippers
Damn that bitch is fa sho a nippa!!!!
by loveniggas July 02, 2010
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