A genre of music using synthesizers and keyboards to make a distinct sound that sounds like a video game, Mixed with HXC screaming and completely pointless lyrics! 1 Band is HORSE the band.
Nintendo core lyrics:
And a beef will rise again, broken machine in his
hand. Ten words: snapping bunnies twitching gurgling
forget the bombs in your eyes
by W.W.T SKATER August 16, 2006
Top Definition
Basically, hardcore/metalcore music with synths/keyboards, typically lighthearted.
Horse The Band = teh sex0rz
by Ian March 07, 2005
Typically hardcore music with lots of keyboards and new sounds.
mostly electronica music sounds futuristic
whats NOT nintendocore - acting/looking like the nintendo characters, being a nintendo game addict

NOT nintendocore -
person 1: Zomg guys i g0t teh WII and s00per paper mario that game is teh SEXX
person 2: d00d yoo are s0 nintendocore
person 1: i kn0w its s00per radd
by lolcat August 17, 2007
Radford University freshman Mike Petersen's fusion of modern metalcore dance with flavors of everyone's favorite childhood gaming system.
"Whoa. He's tearing it up Nintendocore style with those d-pad floorpunches."
by Richie Oliver March 09, 2004
A musical movement inspired by the hipnotic sounds of nintendo.
Wow, this Postal Service CD is great, it is so nintendocore I think I am going to skeet on my pants.
by Mike Petersen March 01, 2004
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